Bound by Guilt Bound by Guilt

Roxi Gold feels like a throwaway. Shuttled from one foster home to another for most of her life, she longs for a real family and a place to call home. She’ll do anything to fit in and please her new guardian—even if it’s against the law. Soon she’s traveling the country in an RV stealing rare books from unsuspecting bookstores even as guilt hounds her.

Police officer Abby Dawson has witnessed the worst of society, and not just at work. Her high-powered attorney ex-husband has wrested her daughter away from her in a bitter custody battle, and she’s lucky if she sees her daughter at all. The job she once loved has become a chore, the world isn’t any safer, and her life seems to have no purpose.

One fateful night a botched robbery changes both Abby’s and Roxi’s lives forever. While Abby searches for justice, Roxi finds herself on the run in the small town of Elk Valley, Colorado. Will the power of forgiveness set them free, or will they both remain bound by guilt?

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Bound by Guilt is Book #2 in the Thicker than Blood series. All books stand alone entirely and can be read independently of each other, but for the best reading experience, we suggest reading them in order:

Book #1: Thicker than Blood
Book #2: Bound by Guilt
Book #3: Ties that Bind
Book #4: Running on Empty


"C.J. is a wonderful, talented writer . . . extraordinary . . ."
Bodie Thoene, best-selling author of the A.D. Chronicles

"Great job! You kept me turning the pages."
Francine Rivers, internationall best-selling author

"C.J. was a newbie for such a short time. Now she writes like a pro, and we at the Christian Writers Guild couldn’t be prouder of our First Novel Contest winner. This one engages your senses and reaches your heart.”
Jerry B. Jenkins, New York Times best-selling author and owner of the Christian Writers Guild

"Thanks for taking on the all-too-familiar subjects of guilt, rejection and loss in a storyline that offers hope and healing through forgiveness!"
Jennifer O'Neill, actress, author, and speaker

"Bound by Guilt is a beautifully told story, with complicated characters who linger long after the last page is turned. C.J. Darlington is one of those writers who gets better with every book. After reading this heartfelt novel, I'm more eager than ever to see what she writes next."
Sibella Giorello, award-winning author of The Mountains Bow Down

"C.J. Darlington's Bound by Guilt is a fresh tale of broken lives, the longing for completion, the hard binding of guilt... and the power of forgiveness. Every reader will find a part of his of her own life within these covers."
Tosca Lee, author of Demon & Havah