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Begin at the Beginning
by Janet Kobobel Grant

I love that the Bible begins in just the right spot: “In the beginning God created.” Chaos succumbs to order. It’s the ultimate conflict! Genesis’s beginning makes so much sense to us; I can’t imagine a better opening. Unfortunately, the choices aren’t so obvious when it comes to our own writing... Read Full Article

How Many Words Should Your Novel Be?
by C.J. Darlington

If you're like me, you've probably wondered how long your novel should be--by word count. Publisher's guidelines vary a lot, but here's a list I've compiled of the word count for some popular Christian novels... Read Full Article

Are You Called to Be A Writer?
by C.J. Darlington

How can you know if God’s calling you to be a writer? Finding out doesn’t have to be mysterious or hard. But you won’t find the answer in your head, because God’s calling lives in our hearts... Read Full Article

How to Write A Novel Synopsis

by Randy Ingermanson

Sooner or later, virtually every novelist has to write a synopsis. This is a little odd, because most of my editor friends tell me they hate reading synopses ("they're boring") and most of my writer friends tell me they hate writing them ("they're boring.")
Seems like there's a pattern here. And yet we still have to write the miserable things... Read Full Article

Stetching the Tension
by James Scott Bell

Learning how to stretch tension is one of the best ways to keep your readers flipping pages, losing sleep and buying your books.... Read Full Article