How Many Words Should Your Novel Be?
by C.J. Darlington

If you're like me, you've probably wondered how long your novel should be--by word count. Publisher's guidelines vary a lot, but here's a list I've compiled of the word count for some popular Christian novels. They're listed by publisher in alphabetical order, and I plan to add to this list.

I Know Why the Angels Dance by Bryan Davis: 90K
The Bones of Makaidos by Bryan Davis (YA Fantasy): 199K
Raising Dragons by Bryan Davis (YA fantasy): 105K
The Candlestone by Bryan Davis (YA fantasy): 110K
Circles of Seven by Bryan Davis (YA fantasy): 120K
Tears of a Dragon by Bryan Davis (YA fantasy): 103K
Eye of the Oracle by Bryan Davis (YA fantasy): 182K
Enoch's Ghost by Bryan Davis (YA fantasy): 121K
Last of the Nephilim by Bryan Davis (YA fantasy): 131K

Barbour Trade fiction:
Playing by Heart by Deborah Raney (novella): 30K
Bygones by Kim Sawyer (women’s fiction): 80K
Beginnings by Kim Sawyer (women’s fiction): 80K
The Redemption by MaryLu Tyndall (historical): 112K
The Reliance by MaryLu Tyndall (historical): 115K
Petticoat Ranch by Mary Connealy (historical): 92K

Bethany House
The Secret Life of Becky Miller by Sharon Hinck (mom lit): 85K
Renovating Becky Miller by Sharon Hinck (mom lit): 85K
Waiting for Summer’s Return by Kim Sawyer (historical): 92K
Where Willows Grow by Kim Sawyer (historical): 92K
Summer of the Midnight Sun by Tracie Peterson (historical): 102K
Sutter's Cross by W. Dale Cramer (contemporary): 112K
Bad Ground by W. Dale Cramer (contemporary): 104K
Levi's Will by W. Dale Cramer (contemporary): 109K
Summer of Light by W. Dale Cramer (contemporary): 97K

Crime Scene Jerusalem by Alton Gansky (suspense/historical): 83K
Veil of Fire by Marlo Schalesky (historical): 82.5K

In Honor Bound by DeAnna Dodson (historical): 105K
By Love Redeemed by DeAnna Dodson (historical): 87K
To Grace Surrendered by DeAnna Dodson (historical): 92K

Abiding Darkness by John Aubrey Anderson (suspense) 108K
Wedgewood Grey by John Aubrey Anderson (suspense) 102K
And If I Die by John Aubrey Anderson (suspense) 102K

Harvest House:
Kissing Adrien by Siri L. Mitchell (chick lit): 100K
Something Beyond the Sky by Siri L. Mitchell (women's fiction): 98K
The Cubicle Next Door by Siri L. Mitchell (chick lit): 98K
Moon Over Tokyo by Siri L. Mitchell (women's fiction): 88K
The Guy I’m Not Dating by Trish Perry (chick lit): 95K
Too Good to Be True by Trish Perry (chick lit): 95K
The Lost Sheep by Brandt Dodson (crime): 77K
The Root of All Evil by Brandt Dodson (crime): 75K
After Anne by Roxanne Henke (contemporary): 145K
Becoming Olivia by Roxanne Henke (contemporary): 134K
The Secret of Us by Roxanne Henke (contemporary): 124K

Heartsong (includes several imprints):
Spinning out of Control by Vickie McDonough (romance): 45-50K
The Bounty Hunter and the Bride by Vickie McDonough: 45-50K
Dear John, That Wilder Boy by Kim Sawyer (romance): 45-50K
Promising Angela by Kim Sawyer (romance): 45-50K
Of Mice ... and Murder by Mary Connealy (mystery): 58K
Golden Days by Mary Connealy (historical): 48K

Remember to Forget by Deborah Raney (women’s fiction): 85K
Shoofly Pie by Tim Downs (mystery): 97K
Chop Shop by Tim Downs (mystery): 93.5K

Sincerely, Mayla by Virginia Smith (Mar. '08) (contemporary): 80K
Just As I Am by Virginia Smith (contemporary): 62K
Pieces of Silver by Maureen Lang: 118K
Remember Me by Maureen Lang: 118K

My Hands Came Away Red by Lisa McKay (contemporary): 107K
A Shadow of Treason by Tricia Goyer (historical): 88K
A Valley of Betrayal by Tricia Goyer (historical): 93K
Arms of Deliverance by Tricia Goyer (historical): 90K

Faking Grace by Tamara Leigh (chick lit): 91K
Splitting Harriet by Tamara Leigh (chick lit): 92K
Perfecting Kate by Tamara Leigh (chick lit): 98K
Death of a Garage Sale Newbie by Sharon Dunn (mystery): 70-80K
When the Day of Evil Comes by Melanie Wells (suspense): 80-90K
Soul Hunter by Melanie Wells (suspense): 80-90K
Ransomed Dreams by Amy Wallace (romantic suspense): 93K
Dark Star by Creston Mapes (suspense): 107K
Full Tilt by Creston Mapes (suspense): 97.5K
Nobody by Creston Mapes (suspense): 98K

Stealing Adda by Tamara Leigh (chick lit): 101K
Chateau of Echoes by Siri L. Mitchell (women's fiction): 106K
The Big Picture by Jenny B. Jones (YA) (2008): 100K
On the Loose by Jenny B. Jones (YA): 96K
In Between by Jenny B. Jones (YA): 85K
The Restorer by Sharon Hinck (fantasy): 110K
Watching the Tree Limbs by Mary DeMuth (coming of age): 84K
Wishing on Dandelions by Mary DeMuth (coming of age): 81K

Angel by Alton Gansky (suspense/supernatural): 89K

Stuck in the Middle by Virginia Smith (Feb. '08) (contemporary): 82K
The Pawn by Steven James (mystery): 111K
The Stones Cry Out by Sibella Giorello (mystery): 54K
Pink by Marilynn Griffith (chick-lit): 90K
Jade by Marilynn Griffith (chick-lit): 80K
Tangerine by Marilynn Griffith (chick-lit): 80K
Turquoise by Marilynn Griffith (chick-lit): 80K

Steeple Hill:
The Winter Pearl by Molly Noble Bull: 93K
Murder by Mushroom by Virginia Smith (cozy mystery): 60K
Bluegrass Peril by Virginia Smith (Dec. '07): 60K
A Vow to Cherish by Deborah Raney (contemporary): 80K
Wild Rose by Ruth Axtell Morren: 100K
The Healing Season by Ruth Axtell Morren: 100K
The Elevator by Angela Hunt (contemporary): 82K

Tsaba House:
Sanctuary by Molly Noble Bull: 85K

Thomas Nelson:
The Oath by Frank Peretti (horror/suspense): 165K
The Visitation by Frank Peretti (suspense): 163K
Monster by Frank Peretti (suspense/adventure): 108K
House by Frank Peretti & Ted Dekker (thriller): 80K
Seclusion Point by John Perrodin & Jerry Jenkins (YA): 50K
Demon's Bluff by John Perrodin & Jerry Jenkins (YA): 50K
The Tattooed Rats by John Perrodin & Jerry Jenkins (YA): 50K
Abomination by Colleen Coble (suspense): 107K
Facing the Giants by Eric Wilson (contemporary): 70K
Split Ends by Kristin Billerbeck (chick-lit): 84-88K
Calm, Cool & Adjusted by Kristin Billerbeck (chick-lit): 84-88K
Comes a Horseman by Robert Liparulo (thriller): 145K
Germ by Robert Liparulo (thriller): 138K
Deadfall by Robert Liparulo (thriller): 125K
Uncharted by Angela Hunt (supernatural/suspense): 96K
Plague Maker by Tim Downs (suspense): 119K
Head Game by Tim Downs (thriller): 92K
First the Dead by Tim Downs (Dec. '07): 107K

Riven by Jerry B. Jenkins (contemporary): 160K
Left Behind by Jerry B. Jenkins (end times): 100K
Tribulation Force by Jerry B. Jenkins (end times): 102K
The Oak Leaves by Maureen Lang (contemporary): 100K
Thicker than Blood by C.J. Darlington (contemporary): 75K
On Sparrow Hill by Maureen Lang ('08): 100K
Doesn't She Look Natural? by Angela Hunt (contemporary): 104K
She Always Wore Red by Angela Hunt ('08) (contemporary): 110K

Urban Books
My Soul Cries Out by Sherri Lewis (95K)

A Nest of Sparrows by Deborah Raney (women’s fiction): 120K
Dark to Mortal Eyes by Eric Wilson (suspense): 125K
Expiration Date by Eric Wilson (suspense): 115K
The Best of Evil by Eric Wilson (mystery): 85K
A Shred of Truth by Eric Wilson (mystery): 85K
Thorn in My Heart by Liz Curtis Higgs (historical): 158k
Fair Is the Rose by Liz Curtis Higgs (historical): 152k
Whence Came a Prince by Liz Curtis Higgs (historical): 182k
Grace in Thine Eyes by Liz Curtis Higgs (historical): 140k

Nightmare's Edge by Bryan Davis (YA suspense): 99K
Eternity's Edge by Bryan Davis (YA suspense): 102K
Beyond the Reflection's Edge by Bryan Davis (YA suspense): 108K
Zero-G by Alton Gansky (suspense/sci-fi): 99K
Finder's Fee by Alton Gansky (suspense): 87K
Amber Morn by Brandilyn Collins (suspense) ('08): 75-80K
Crimson Eve by Brandilyn Collins (suspense): 75-80K
Violet Dawn by Brandilyn Collins (suspense): 75-80K
Web of Lies by Brandilyn Collins (suspense): 75-80K
Dead of Night by Brandilyn Collins (suspense): 75-80K
Stain of Guilt by Brandilyn Collins (suspense): 75-80K
Brink of Death by Brandilyn Collins (suspense): 75-80K
Wounded Healer by Donna Fleisher (contemporary): 85K
Warrior’s Heart by Donna Fleisher (contemporary): 87K
Valiant Hope by Donna Fleisher (contemporary): 95K
Standing Strong by Donna Fleisher (contemporary): 92K
Presumed Guilty by James Scott Bell (legal thriller): 90-95K
No Legal Grounds by James Scott Bell (legal thriller): 90-95K
Last Light by Terri Blackstock (suspense): 90K
Night Light by Terri Blackstock (suspense): 97K
True Light by Terri Blackstock (suspense): 80K
Fair Game by Elizabeth White (contemporary/romance): 97K
Off the Record by Elizabeth White (contemporary): 88K